Thursday, February 26, 2009

Welcome to The Powdered Wigs!

Here is where I'll share my love of history, knowledge and passion for antiques with you and hopefully you can share with me your collections, historic interest and we'll both continue to learn about a way of life from long ago.

As the owner of Donna Finegan Antiques, my speciality is predominantly early American clothing and accessories from the late 18th century to the mid 19th century. In addition I offer a wide selection of painted smalls, homespun textiles, sewing items and early dolls. I also carry good, country painted furniture.

Twenty five years ago starting out strictly as a collector, my collection soon became a way of life. Acquiring a house full of wonderful furniture and smalls, I felt something was missing. I decided I was lacking the personal element such as clothing, textiles and accessories. Homespun, dresses and petticoats augment a collection of furniture. They add depth, texture, color and familiarity to a room. Hence I made the leap to textiles and clothing.

I consider myself a custodian of these pieces. You never really own them: you are just a caretaker, preserving them for the next generation. My passion and love for furniture, smalls, textiles and clothing, coupled with the philosophy of preserving them for the next generation, led me to open my business fifteen years ago. I exhibit at a number of quality antique shows and I also work out of my home by appointment only.

Thanks for taking the time to stop for a moment and read and learn and share with me. I'm so looking forward to your comments, please always include what you collect. So here we go!

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