Friday, June 19, 2009


Last weekend I traveled back in time to the 18th century. You heard me correctly and I didn't even use a time machine. Cool, huh? My husband and I attended the "Klash On The Kankakee" for their "Grand Encampment". The Revoluntary War Reenactment was put on by The Northwest Territory Alliance, There were two Fife and Drum groups, River Valley and Theatiki, who played outstanding period music and rousing marches, an artillery demonstration complete with LOUD, exploding cannons, a tar & feathering,(not so much fun for the poor gentleman) a multitude of British and Colonial soldiers and a large civilian encampment where my friends, Dawn, Vaughn and their daughter Dori, were camped. There was even a section for the merchants who sold everything to outfit an 18th century reenactor. Turkey Roost Traders ( who are Purveyors of Fine Wearables and Wm. Booth, Draper who sells woolen, flax and hemp fabrics ( some of the fine merchants that were selling their wares. Everyone was dressed in WONDERFUL 18th century clothing. What a feast for the senses. The campfire smoke wafting on the breeze,the food cooking on those fires teasing our taste buds, rows and rows of tents with all the costumed participants going about their 18th century lives and the music filtering thru the trees made me believe I had left the 21st century behind. Life back then was basic and simple. Despite the hardships, the ever present dangers, the lack of modern conveniences and the extremely hard and physically challenging work perhaps our 18th century ancestors could teach us a thing or two about what really matters in life; Family, our religious beliefs, a strong work ethic, our country and it's ideals and being a part of something greater than ourselves. Not a bad history lesson.

First two pictures are from "Turkey Roost Traders" tent.
Third picture are the colonials firing their cannon.
Fourth picture are my friends Dawn and Vaughn and their tent and camp.

To view pictures from the encampment go to
click on "Find your event"
click on "NWTA Grand Encampment"
click on "Klash on Kankakee"

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  1. Hey Donna!!!

    Thanks for making the Trip south of I-80 to the Klash it was fun seeing you and I hope to be at your symposium. The snapshot and little blurb are fun to see online. Also very nice plugs for the vendors they work hard and put aLot of effort in. (love that you included links also!!)