Friday, July 10, 2009


I have an undeniable passion for 17th and 18th century clothing and textiles. The richness of the fabric, the complexity of the embroidery and the stately elegance of the design is astounding. Take that passion and mix it with a historic site. It's a natural. When I was approached by Garfield Farm Museum's assistant site manager, William Wolcott, and asked to due a lecture about clothing, I said "I'll do one better. How about an exhibit?" Thus the birth of a project that in reality is a labor of love.

I will have the pleasure of sharing my private collection of 18th century clothing and appropriate accessories with you at Garfield Farm Inn Museum, La Fox, Illinois. Some of the examples on display will be open robes, a man's matching frock coat and breeches, various waistcoats, a child's dress, numerous stomachers and stays, caps, shoes and miscellaneous sundries. There will also be a few choice examples of late 17th century items.

Take a trip back in time and get a taste of history. Join me, attired in 18th century clothing, at the picturesque 1840's Garfield Farm Inn Muesum and view my collection in an intimate setting located in the historic inn and tavern. Take a stroll and wander around this fascinating and important living history farm. Garfield Farm Inn Museum is listed in the National Register of Historic Sites.

Saturday, July 25th, 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m..
Garfield Farm Inn Museum, La Fox, Illinois
(Just off IL. Route 38, 4 miles west of Geneva)

For more details:
Donna Finegan (847) 991-3911 or website or email address

Garfield Farm Inn Museum (630) 584-8485 or website or email address

Hope to see you on the 25th!



  1. Too bad I don't live in your area, or I would see the exhibit! Would you be able to take pictures to share on your blog? I'd be very interested. Hope the exhibit gets a great turnout :)

  2. Jenny,

    Hi! I wish you could come and see the exhibit. I will take some pictures and post them to my blog.
    I love your blog. I have visited a number of times. Apparently we have similar interests like The Fabricating Woman, Cora Ginsburg, and Jan Whitlock. I have tried to post a comment but for some reason your site will not let me. I would like to communicate with you but I don't know how. Your most recent trip sounds wonderful. Next to New England I like Ohio.



  3. I'm ao glad I found your blog. I too have heart stopping moments upon spotting an antique textile, so I know I will adore your blog.
    thanks so much for all the sharing.

  4. Donna, I'm glad that I came back to your latest post to see your comment in return! I can't imagine why your comments aren't accepted at my blog! Of course, I would love to get them :) I'll try to figure out whether it's a problem with my settings (still so new to this).

  5. Though your event is miles away your passion for antique textiles and pieces of the past are shared by those of us connected by the lure of a simpler time.
    Enjoy your show and do share some pics.

  6. I very much wish I was near enough to visit your wonderful farm!

    I just love your site and your blog.

    Take care,

  7. Hi Donna. I figured it out how to post on your blog. Yay. Love your blog.