Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I want to thank all of you, Christine, Miss Maddie, Cabin Creek Farm, Julie, Laura, Dawn, Susan,and Heather. Whether you posted messages on my blog or sent me a personal email, your prayers, words of encouragment and kind wishes are truly appreciated. I read all of them daily and they give me an amazing amount of comfort. It has been and will continue to be difficult.

Going forward I will be trying to provide love and support to Bill's wife and son. Such a sad, sad time. But also I will be giving thanks to God that I walked away from my accident unhurt. Daily I am tending to my sweet, sick Miss Hannah. She is so very trusting and has never turned on me as I give her between 5 to 7 pills per day. Nasty business! She hates those pills. And since I am co-chair for the Fox Valley Antique Show I am busy buttoning up all the loose ends and trying to get everything ready for the arrival of the 55 dealers. Then this Friday I set up my personal booth and man it Saturday and Sunday.

Once again thank you for the concern and thoughtful words you have sent my way.
Just remember that life is truly a gift.

Warm hugs,

Donna & Miss Hannah

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