Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I love early American history; the way of life, traditions and customs. So ever now and then I will be writing about different aspects of early America. Recently while going thru my books I came across a favorite of mine titled "The Pocumtuc Housewife". The chapter "The Physical Director" is charming, innocent, funny and the remedies are oh so NOT to be tried.
1. A slice of salt pork spread with pepper and bound on with a strip of red flannel will cure a sore throat. Or in a pinch, a stocking taken warm from the foot and bound about the throat is efficacious.
2. For an ordinary headache take a shovel full of clean wood ashes, put them into clear cold water. When it has settled drink the water. It may cause vomitting; if it does the headache will be relieved the sooner.
3. For an earache soak the feet in warm water, roast an onion and put the heart of it into the ear as hot as can be borne and bind roasted onion on the feet.
4. An ointment made of ground worms simmered in lard, and rubbed on with the hand is excellent when sinews are drawn up.


  1. I love the old remedies~ which in most cases, probably made the folks sicker than "all get out" as my G Grandma used to say! THANKS for sharing!

  2. Rachael,
    You know what they say, "Always mind what Grandma says. She knows best." One wonders how we managed to survive.