Saturday, April 25, 2009


If you are very lucky, every now and then you get an opportunity to do something unusual and exciting. May 16th and 17th I will get that opportunity. My very talented and gifted friend Susan Havens-Morris , who is the sole owner of Middleburg Folk Art Studio (, will be exhibiting at the Colonial Faire at The Endview Plantation in Newport News, VA. ( The best part is that I get to help! But wait. It gets even better. Both Susan and I have to be attired in proper 18th century clothing. That includes petticoats, caraco jackets, stockings, hats and more. Oh my!! The absolute best part is that instead of displaying her wonderful paper mache items under a tent, Susan has envisioned creating a modular Mount Vernon. That's right. Mount Vernon as is George Washington's home . How cool is that? I told you she was gifted and talented. The room at Mount Vernon Susan choose will be the "Green" dining room complete with a fireplace mantle and windows that open. A beautiful and historic setting, being dressed in 18th century clothing and helping a dear friend sell her wares in a reproduction of Mt Vernon is a true fantasy. I can't wait to go.

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