Wednesday, August 5, 2009


1. A set of three dresses: a purple and green striped silk open gown, c 1770 with a light brown quilted petticoat 19th century, a child's ivory satin gown c 1775 and a two piece, bodice and skirt, embroidered outfit with a chemise undergarment. Late 18th century.

2. A late 17th century sweet purse with gilt and silk embroidery.

3. An silk caraco. 18th century. French.

4. A two piece, bodice and skirt, embroidered outfit with a chemise undergarment. Late 18th century.

5. A late 18th century or very early 19th century young man's quilted waistcoat in salmon satin.


  1. Donna, everything is just gorgeous! The needlework purse in the second picture and the quilted salmon vest are amazing. All of your pieces are breathtaking!

  2. Ooooh! I just love these! I especially love the men's quilted waistcoat. My absolute favorite color in antique faded clothing. I also love, and wish I could look at it in person, the little bodice of the two-piece outfit. Does it have scallops around the bottom of the bodice? And what are the dark spots on the inside at the top? Some of the embroidery that is found on the skirt? You lucky duck!! Thank you for sharing and making my 18th century heart go pitter-pat.

  3. oh Donna,

    these are lovely lovely...

    especially the sweet needlework purse and the beautiful faded salmon silk.
    Everything is just wonderful to behold.
    Katie bird and I would love to be able to look at these wonderful old textiles in person...and just as she says, thank you for making our 18thc hearts go pitter-pat.

  4. So beautiful. Just imagine the tales they could tell from the time they were sewn and draped the delicate limbs of a child...the bosom of a young lass... the muscular arms of a gentleman.
    Such history to behold.

  5. just delightful Donna~ thankyou so much for sharing :)
    xoxoxo rachael

  6. Wow! I love those interiors and clothes!! I am happy to found your blog! :)