Friday, January 29, 2010


JACK PUDDING is not a desert. The 18th century definition is "A buffoon". So the next time you get mad at someone, which I hope doesn't happen too often, call them a Jack Pudding. I bet you will both forget what the argument was about.

IRON RUFFLES are not a fashion statement. The 18th century definition is "Handcuffs". Iron ruffles sounds so much better if that is possible.

JACULATE is a variant spelling for chocolate. For some reason jaculate just doesn't conjure up something sweet in my mind. I suggest you don't use jaculate on Valentine's Day. You might not get the response you thought you would.


  1. I adore early words and their meanings~ these are wonderful...

    thank you, Donna.

  2. Hi Donna,

    I wonder what the 18th century folks would think about our 'language of words'. I like to believe that somehow 'Jack Pudding' would sweeten any thought of anger towards another. Maybe even give good cause to sit down and share some pudding!

    Happy New Year to you!